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Garden Lighting Solutions That Add Illumination And Charm To Your Outdoors

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If you have a beautiful garden you love to sit in or dine in after dark, you need the perfect lighting solution. The lights should provide illumination as well as enhance the beauty of your garden. Here are some ideas for garden lighting solutions.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are ideal for dining areas since they illuminate the table when hung from above. They are also good for small gardens since they can hang from tree branches or a canopy and they don't take up space on the ground. Pendant lights come in a variety of shapes, so you can choose something that fits in with your outdoor decor or the type of plants and trees you have.

Path Lighting

A winding path to your garden seating area adds an element of mystery and beauty to your garden after dark. Lights not only lead the way, but they also add interesting visual appeal since they come in so many different shapes.

You might want lights shaped like bricks, big butterflies, or glitter sticks. If you buy lights that run on solar or battery power, you can place them anywhere, but you may prefer to have your lights hardwired so you can install them in shady areas and have illumination that doesn't depend on batteries or sunlight.

String Lights

String lights can be used in many ways to brighten a garden. The lights can be large globes or tiny fairy lights. Larger lights help with illumination while smaller lights are for more of a decorative effect. You can place small string lights in your plants or wind them around a tree. You can hang larger lights from a covered seating area or around a gazebo. String lights come in shapes that look like a variety of objects, and that can add to the fun of your outdoor seating area and reflect your personality.

Floor Lamps

If you've created an outdoor room in your garden with lounge chairs or a dining area, you might want a few floor lamps you can move around for light just where you need it for reading or playing cards. Some are battery operated so you can place them anywhere. When you buy a floor lamp or any lighting for use in your garden, be sure to buy lights rated for outdoor use that are waterproof and safe to use outside.

Once you start installing outdoor lights, you may find it's not as easy as it looks. You don't want lights that look haphazard or that detract from the beauty of your garden. You may want a garden lighting service to help you choose the best lights for your needs and to install them so the lights add just the right amount of light and so they complement the rest of your garden decor, trees, and plants.