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Topsoil Uses And Improvements

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Topsoil is the upper layer of soil. This layer contains organic materials. Learn about some common topsoil uses and ways to improve the quality of soil that has been compromised.

Organic Nutrients

Calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium are naturally found in topsoil mixes. Additional organic materials, including worms and insects, may also be found in a topsoil product. Clay, silt, and sand are the main components of topsoil. These components influence the texture and nutrient content of the soil.

Soil that is sold at a retail business will be bagged. The nutrient content of a topsoil product will depend upon the region where the soil was obtained from. Some marketed products may be fortified with compost and natural fertilizers.

Topsoil Uses

Topsoil is typically used to create a garden, fill in a hole, or level out sloped surfaces. Any type of disruption that takes place on a parcel of land may necessitate the use of topsoil. If the construction of a pool, a pond, or a building has taken place on land, a contractor may use topsoil to even out the ground. If a large garden will be installed, a property owner may also rely upon the use of topsoil.

It is more cost-efficient to use topsoil for large projects than to use potting soil or another bagged product that comes in small quantities. Topsoil should be spread evenly across structural and landscaped features that are being upgraded or constructed from scratch. Topsoil bags can be heavy. A wheelbarrow or a cart can be used to transport soil to areas where it will be used.

Topsoil Improvements

Topsoil can become compacted. Compaction can occur if a lot of weight is placed upon surfaces that contain topsoil. An inadequate amount of nutrients in soil can also cause soil products to not drain properly, resulting in sticky topsoil surfaces that are heavy and compacted. Aerating soil can improve its condition. Aeration should be conducted along soil surfaces where planting will take place.

If rainfall, irrigation efforts, and erosion have affected the nutrient content of a topsoil product, additional nutrients can be added to the soil. A homemade or store-bought compost or fertilizer should be added to soil products that are going to be used for planting purposes. A thin level of compost or fertilizer should be mixed in with soil, prior to planting grass seed, vegetable plants, and other types of vegetation.

If you're looking to purchase a topsoil mix, contact a garden equipment and supply store in your area.