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Benefits Of A Flagstone Walkway

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Flagstone is a sedimentary rock quarried all across North America. It consists of strata of organic sediments, clay, and sand, all of which give it a distinctive gradient of colors. Flagstone has many applications, including for patios and pool decking. A flagstone walkway, though, is a classic installation. Below are some benefits of a flagstone walkway.

Flagstone Comes in Many Colors

When you're laying a walkway, you want to be able to match or complement other hardscaping in your yard. Flagstone offers deep color with those natural variegations. Depending on where the stone is quarried, it can range from soft pastels to gold to deep red to black. You should be able to find pavers that work well in your existing landscape.

Flagstone Patterns Can Be Customized

Another quality that homeowners prize in pavers is customization. With flagstone, you can have them laid in traditional patterns such as random rectangles and random cut. You can choose also more organic patterns. Likewise, you can leave gaps in between large flagstone pavers and plant groundcover or spread pea gravel.

Flagstone Pavers Offer Organic Shaping

In a similar vein, most flagstone pavers are naturally cut, meaning they don't have straight edges. This natural cut leads to a softening of geometric landscapes. So, even if you lay a straight pathway, the flagstone edges will keep the installation from looking too formal.

Flagstone Walkways Can Be Permeable

As noted, you don't have to lay flagstone pavers so they fit together. Even if you do, you can lay them without mortar. This laying style results in a permeable walkway. One benefit of permeable walkways is that they reduce the runoff volume, so you won't get rivulets in nearby landscaping. Instead, the water sinks into the ground more naturally.

Flagstone Pavers Are Highly Dense

Flagstone creation took millennia, as is the case with all rocks. However, most flagstones are found underwater with low heat but high pressure. This formation results in a highly dense sedimentary rock. As a result, flagstones are resistant to the freeze-thaw cycle. Therefore, the pavers shouldn't deteriorate under extremes in weather.

Flagstone Pavers Offer Texture

Fabricators rarely polish flagstone pavers. Therefore, the surface is rough, which offers a pleasing texture to the visual of your walkway. Such walkways tend to look more casual. Indeed, flagstone paths with landscaping in between tend to be charmingly rustic. As a boon, the rough textures of the stones also provide a skid-proof surface for walking.

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