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Tips For Better Tractor Maintenance

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Your tractor needs to last through plenty of wear and tear if you hope to keep your land tame year after year. To make sure that your tractor lasts, you'll want to employ some tips of keeping it in tip top condition. The tips below will help you do that.

Keep the tractor mower deck clean

The more that you mow through fields of grass, the greater the likelihood that you have of clumps of grass getting wedged inside of the tractor's mower deck. To prevent this, you need to routinely disconnect the mower deck and clean it. You can do this by taking off the belt guards and blowing off any clutter or debris that might get stuck inside of the belts and pulleys. You can take a screwdriver or any other tool and scrape away any types of debris that has managed to build up over time inside of the mower deck. Use a leaf blower or a can of compressed air to get rid of any debris that is still hard to remove.

Check on the radiator fluid

When you lose too much radiator fluid, it can cause your tractor to overheat. This usually happens gradually, which is why you need to be constantly checking the fluid levels. If this problem grows more serious, you might also find that radiator fluid is leaking into your engine oil, which can be problematic. If this happens, get your head gaskets checked and have a repair contractor take a look at the water pump as well.

Go through seasonal inspections

When you are adapting to a change in the seasons, you will need to allow your tractor to adjust accordingly. These changes in temperature can make your tractor start slower than it normally would, so don't panic or push it too hard. After the winter season, make sure to go through some standard checks, including inspecting the tractor's electrical system, maintaining the transmission, checking hydraulic fluid and inspecting the tire pressure and condition.

Run weekly checks

There are a few inspections you will need to do each and every week. This includes checking tire pressure and refilling tires, making sure that the fan belt stretches between 12 mm and 18 mm, making sure that your battery has proper water levels and greasing the shaft and bearings.

Handling these matters will go a long way toward keeping up with your tractor maintenance. For more information, contact companies like Chenango Supply Co Inc.