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Party Rental Needs For A Volunteer Appreciation Garden Party

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A garden party is an enjoyable way to thank the volunteers in your club or organization. You can host the party on your organization's property or at a private or public park, but you will need to rent the necessary party equipment to ensure your event is a success. The following guide can help you plan for your rental needs.

#1: Tables and chairs

The main seating is the most important part of any event. The tables you choose depends on the main fare for the event. If you are serving a luncheon, opt for full size tables. For a garden paty featuring little more than drinks and a few nibbles, you can fo with smaller bistro or cafe style tables. Round tables are the best option of a garden party -- not only do the round lines fit in better with the soft curves of nature, compared to sharp-angled square tables, round tables also feel cozier.

#2: A podium or central stage

Since the main point of a volunteer appreciation party is to recognize those that help your organization, you need to make sure you can draw attention. Rent a raised stage or dias along with a podium to make sure all eyes are on the main event. You may even want to add some audio visual equipment, including speakers, microphones, and possibly even video equipment with an outdoor screen if you want to show clips of the work your organization does.

#3: Canopies, tents, or umbrellas

Whether there is sun or rain, coverings will add to the comfort of the guests. Umbrellas can be enough if sun is the main concern, and they don't detract from the garden views. If you are worried about rain, then garden tents or larger canopies offer more protection while still ensuring that the event has an outdoor feel. 

#4: Party games

No garden party is complete without fun. Keep in mind the ages of your guests. If your organization mainly attracts seniors or retirees, activities like croquet, dancing, or horse shoes can be enjoyable. You can rent a dance floor or traditional lawn games. If your volunteers are younger or likely to bring children to the event, include some activities for the little ones. You can rent inflatable bounce houses or slides, or even giant size lawn games, like life-size checkers, to add some wow to the party.

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